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The Brind Mansion was built in 1908 for Mr. and Mrs. J. Fitz Brind. Mr. Brind owned extensive mining interests which included substantial ownership in the Butterfly-Terrible Mining Company. He was also president of Insoloid Fuse Company. Mrs. Brind's acclaim included her roles as president of the Old Ladies Home and the Denver Orphans Home. She was the first woman on the Executive Board of the Denver Organized Charities and a member of the Ladies Auxiliary Board of Mercy Hospital.

The mansion was designed for Maria Brind by Sterner and Williamson whose designs included the Daniels and Fisher Tower, the Metropolitan Building, and the C.F.& I. Hospital in Pueblo. The house was completed October 1, 1908.
Two years later, Mrs. Brind again commissioned Sterner and Williamson to design a two story addition to the house to expand the first floor library-parlor and a second story bedroom. The Brinds enjoyed the house for only a short while; Mrs. Brind passed away in 1914 and her husband eventually sold the house in 1919.

The house passed through many owners including several prominent Denver families. In 1994, the house was purchased by Spronk Water Engineers. SWE has worked to maintain the historical nature of the house while adapting it to the needs of a modern office.  

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