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In the arid West, increased competition for water by municipal, agricultural and environmental interests has rendered the acquisition and development of dependable water supplies a difficult task. In addition to traditional supply dependability and economic goals, consideration must be given to protection of instream flows, reserved rights, endangered species and other objectives in developing solutions to water resources shortages. The multitude of local, state and federal regulations and permitting requirements have also added to the complexity. SWE has developed an understanding of the influences and limitations associated with competing objectives and the various governmental regulations that affect the development and use of water supplies. SWE strives to plan and develop practical and dependable water supplies in a cost effective manner for its clients. This often requires innovative solutions to make the most efficient use of available supplies, particularly in regions where the water supply is limited and/or over appropriated.

Services provided by SWE related to water supply planning include estimating water demands, analysis of existing and potential future water supply yield, identification of water supply alternatives and assistance with the development and acquisition of water supplies. In addition, SWE is experienced in performing reservoir operations and water rights operations modeling for evaluation of water supplies and development strategies.
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