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Klamath Basin Adjudication
Client: United States Department of Justice, United States Bureau of Reclamation, United States Fish and Wildlife Services
Water Resources Engineering - Reserved Water Rights

The Klamath Basin is located in southwestern Oregon. The Klamath Basin Adjudication is the legal process whereby water rights which were vested before adoption of Oregon's water code in 1909 are quantified and documented through an adjudication proceeding.  SWE was retained to investigate claims filed by other parties for Walton water rights in the Klamath Basin Adjudication. A Walton water right, named after a series of cases, established that non-Indian purchasers of Indian allotments can receive a right to share in federal Indian reserved water rights to the extent the rights were applied to beneficial use either by the allottee prior to the conveyance or by the non-Indian "within reasonable diligence after the passage of the title". The tasks performed by SWE included technical support and expert witness testimony for over twenty claims. The work performed by SWE included assisting with discovery; reviewing water rights permit files, aerial photographs, maps, title documents, tribal and irrigation project records; performing field investigations; evaluating the validity of the claim; evaluating settlement alternatives; providing written and live expert testimony; and providing post-hearing assistance.


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