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North Fork Properties
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Water Rights Evaluations and Appraisals
SWE has performed Water Rights Evaluations and Appraisals for water rights on the North Fork of the South Platte River basin for a number of properties, such as the National Farmers Union property near Bailey; the Stitt Family Trust property near Shawnee; and the Fitzsimmons Ranch water rights and Maddox Reservoir, also near Shawnee.  Work was typically initiated with a review of records, including diversion records, water rights decrees, historical filing maps and statements of claim, water rights tabulations and abandonment lists associated with the rights for the property in question.  Historical use of the water rights was verified by review of aerial photography and interviews of persons familiar with the operations of the water rights.  This often included state water officials. SWE performed depletion analyses that estimated crop consumptive use and irrigation return flow quantities and timing to quantify historical use and timing of potential impacts to the North Fork of the South Platte River.  Site visits of the properties were made to conduct interviews and to investigate irrigation facilities and the potential for sub-irrigation. Recent market data for water right transactions in the basin were compiled and evaluated. Reports were prepared to document findings, including maps and field work photos, estimated historical consumptive use, and estimated  market value of the water rights.
Water Rights Evaluations  
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